Seattle Learning Academy has specialized in teaching communication skills to professionals living in the Seattle, WA, region—and beyond—for nearly 15 years. We've worked with businesses ranging from the start-up phase to Fortune 500 companies. We teach native as well as non-native English speakers, empowering individuals to succeed professionally by helping them improve their written and spoken English skills. 


Amanda Lillet — Founder

Amanda founded Seattle Learning Academy after spending two years in AmeriCorps where she served a large non-native English speaking population in the public schools south of Seattle, WA. When she started teaching non-native English speaking adults who wanted to improve their English pronunciation, she realized the lack of good pronunciation learning materials. This led to her publishing three textbooks: Pronunciation Pages, Rhythm and Intonation of American English, and Linking in American English. In 2008, she started the American English Pronunciation Podcast (subscribe on iTunes or SoundCoud), which has had over 16 million downloads to date. Amanda also founded Pronuncian.com, an English pronunciation learning website, so individuals who could not be in a Seattle Learning Academy classroom would also have access to quality pronunciation materials.

After focusing on teaching English pronunciation and then grammar for a number of years, Amanda expanded Seattle Learning Academy to include another population that was asking for help with English communication—native English speakers! 


ProjectKARE and the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp

Seattle Learning Academy is extremely proud to have donated learning material to the Karen people through Project Kare and the Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camps in Thailand and Myanmar.