We can help your workforce communicate better.

Seattle Learning Academy understands that the world we live in depends on quick, accurate, and transparent communication. We are proud to work with corporate clients from Fortune 500 engineering, hi-tech, and aerospace firms as well as small start up companies. Our programs benefit nearly any organization looking to build a more communicative workforce.

Our Pronunciation & Spoken English Courses teach how to:

  • Identify the individual causes of spoken miscommunication in order to minimize them
  • Master correct vocal tract placement to create accurate English sound production
  • Self-evaluate to continue learning autonomously
  • Choose correct stress placement to produce the rhythm of English
  • Use pitch and intonation to guide dialog and facilitate meetings and presentations

Our Business Writing Courses teach how to:

  • Make direct, actionable requests that are more likely to be completed
  • Communicate diplomatically to superiors as well as subordinates
  • Analyze incoming communications to understand the writer’s ultimate purpose
  • Utilize tone to show confidence as well as sincerity
  • Use correct grammar and formatting to convey professionalism
  • Write concisely to allow readers to efficiently absorb pertinent information

Getting started is simple.

A Seattle Learning Academy representative works closely with your management team to identify the goals and unique characteristics of your company's unique work environment. We develop a program to meet your specific communication needs, such as:

  • Better and more effective email and memo communication
  • More professional and accurate reports
  • Improved analysis through better command of language
  • Fewer spoken English miscommunications among diverse language speakers

One who has not been in this kind of training does to know what he has been missing. I highly recommend this class to everybody, I mean everybody, even native English speakers. I wish I knew about it and had attended this class a long time ago.
— Hossein, (native Farsi speaker)

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