Communication is critical.

At Seattle Learning Academy, we understand that strong English communication skills empower individuals in their workplace environment, allow career advancement and greater earning potential, and enhance personal levels of self-confidence.

To help you meet your professional and personal goals, we offer the following specialized communication one-on-one spoken and written English courses for both native and non-native English speakers.

We teach you at your level.

Our starting point for setting realistic communication growth goals is to assess your current language level. Depending on your language proficiency, more or less instruction time may be needed. Therefore, we offer courses in blocks of 5 hours, 10 hours, and 15 hours. A 5-hour course may be sufficient for students of advanced language abilities who just want to work on a few writing or pronunciation issues. Longer course may be necessary for students needing more instruction or, as is often the case with pronunciation courses, more time for follow up coaching with your instructor. Many students choose to re-enroll after completing their initial course.

    Know your starting point.

    Seattle Learning Academy's proprietary assessments are included in tuition for each course. The purpose of our assessments is threefold:

    1. Get an objective understanding of your language level
    2. Help you prioritize the skills most beneficial/necessary for you to learn
    3. Design your personal course plan so you get the most out of your classes

    Should you wish to have an assessment without (or prior to) enrolling in a course, a stand-alone pronunciation assessment or grammar assessment, including a written report, can be purchased for $200. 

    Course tuition

    Initial series (includes assessment and personalized learning plan report):

    • 5-hour, $625
    • 10-hour, $1025
    • 15-hour, $1550

    Continuing series (available for any students who have completed an initial series and are choosing to continue classes):

    • 5-hour, $575
    • 10-hour, $975
    • 15-hour, $1475

    Where do you want to go from here?

    I started classes at Seattle Learning Academy as experiment and quickly realized the value of 1-to-1 professional tutoring when it comes to pronunciation. When your English speaking skills get to the certain level your friends and co-workers stop correcting and you stop progressing (while still having a pretty heavy accent). I used some pronunciation lessons on tapes before but it does not even compare to the instant feedback that you are getting when talking to the teacher. I enjoyed every class at SLA and it helped me a lot with different weird sounds that English language has.
    — Alex (Native Russian speaker)

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