Stop being asked to repeat yourself.

Seattle Learning Academy's stand-alone pronunciation assessment takes about 45 minutes and can be administered in-person in Seattle, WA, or remotely via Skype. Our propitiatory pronunciation assessment evaluates for:

  • sound production
  • linking
  • word stress
  • sentence rhythm
  • pitch and intonation

We provide immediate verbal feedback and follow with a written report of the issues that we recommend prioritizing for self-study. Our report focuses first on issues that are likely to cause spoken miscommunication followed by noting the speech habits may cause your listeners to judge you as less fluent in English.

Assessments are included in the cost of tuition for students enrolled in our Pronunciation for Fluency course. Each student begins their first class with an assessment and immediate verbal feedback. We then create your learning plan based on your assessment results and individual goals. Assessments can be re-administered during the final class to show growth and progress.

Taking the pronunciation assessment with Seattle Learning Academy was the best decision ever! The method used for the evaluation is simple and yet very effective. The self-study report that follows the assessment is professional, detailed and easy to understand. All I have to do now is work specifically on the pronunciation problems that were highlighted.
— Danielle L., (native French speaker)

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