Why Seattle Learning Academy?

Our highly skilled teachers are experts in the English language. Coming from a background of teaching English as a second language, we provide native and non-native English speakers with the most in-depth instruction available. We know good communication, we teach it well, and we understand its importance for today's professional.

One-on-One Frequently Asked Questions

How are one-on-one classes scheduled?

You and your teacher choose a time between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm Monday-Friday (Pacific time) to have class. Most students choose to have one one-hour class per week, but other options can be accommodated.

How much do one-on-one classes cost?

Please see our one-on-one courses page.

Are your classes right for me?

Many people come to our courses after they learn that group classes are not advanced enough for their level or that traditional classes spend too much time teaching content they already know. If that’s you, then, yes, our classes are right for you. You can also purchase a stand-alone pronunciation assessment or grammar assessment to get a feel for how we prioritize the English language skills you may be deficient in.

If I enroll in a course, are there additional fees or material costs?

The cost of tuition is the only cost you incur at Seattle Learning Academy. Your initial assessment and all of the material you need for classes is included in the cost of tuition. There are no other up-front or hidden fees. 

Can you send me a class syllabus?

We do not follow a standard syllabus. All of our one-on-one courses are custom designed based on your pronunciation assessment or grammar assessment results.

Can I learn via Skype?

Students learn pronunciation very well via Skype. Much of improving pronunciation is about learning to hear the differences between English and your first language. Skype students, due to having fewer visual cues, tend to train their ears to hear sounds very quickly.

We do not recommend Skype for our Grammar Master Course or our Effective Business Writing course.

How do the assessments work?

When you purchase a stand-alone pronunciation or grammar assessment, you choose days of the weeks and times of the day that will work best for you. Then a teacher will contact you to schedule a definite time. Assessments can be in-person in Seattle, WA, or via Skype.

Assessments take about 45-60 and include immediate verbal feedback. We then follow up with a written report of your pronunciation or grammar issues.

If you're taking classes with us, your first class begin with an assessment and verbal feedback (at no charge).