Student Testimonials


Our one-on-one Students say...

Before signing up for this class, I read the introductory overview on the Seattle Learning Academy web site. Even though I was convinced on the teaching approach, I was unsure about the results as I registered only for a class of ten sessions. Well, after the sixth session, I’m able to fully understand CNN news without the need of using subtitles. My son is telling me that my accent is much improved since.

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised with the result after this class.

Many thanks for such a great experience!

~Dung, Vietnamese

It is difficult for adults to improve a second language even when surrounded by an English-speaking environment. One to one tutoring allows me to focus on the area I really want to improve, pronunciation and conversation. I noticed my coworkers understood me better after 3 months of lessons. You will see a brilliant teacher at SLA who is always helpful and happy for our progress.

~Nozomi, Japanese

I had been immersed in the spoken American English language for almost 20 years when I first heard The American English Pronunciation podcast. I never had the knowledge to help me notice my pronunciation patterns before, so I couldn’t improve. I simply don’t hear myself until I listened to the podcast. I have improved irreversibly!

~Luis, Spanish

The comprehensive learning is a natural way to study. I have learned a lot and I will improve in the future, even though I am finished with the class I can continue to practice by myself… I think when school starts and I talk to my friends they are going to see how much my speaking has improved.

~Phayong, Thai

I wish I had found this program earlier. I really like the teaching style because I learned how my tongue and mouth and the sounds work together. I am getting a lot through the lessons.

~Seung Yeon, Korean

Our Corporate class students say...

This class shows me how to identify a pattern of spoken English. Definitely helpful for me. This will give me more confidence to speak without fear.

~Kamruz, Bengali

This class is amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it! It is so important to understand the basics of English for us non-native speakers and the class structure and the teacher nailed it.

~Brenda, Spanish

This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I never knew I could have such an opportunity to learn spoken English. My imagination has turned to reality, especially on the grounds that I have mastered the most difficult aspects of the words I could never pronounce properly (or the American way). Thanks for helping me become a better communicator.

~Itek, Tbibio

I find this class very, very helpful. The reading materials are great. I use the books provided by Seattle Learning Academy every day to practice what I learned in class. I highly recommend this class to Vietnamese students.

~Tuan, Vietnamese

These interesting lectures lead me to realize what I have been doing wrong in the past in terms of pronunciation. I am very glad I took this class.

~Kaifu, Chinese Mandarin

Perfect start for me to explore correct pronunciation. Your passion about the job you’re doing is so visible to all.

~Yelena, Russian

It is a great class to learn for non-native speakers. It helps me for my presentation, clearly to convey the message to leadership.

~Bram, Indonesian

Great course! I would definitely recommend it and I will try to take the next classes.

~Camila, Brazilian Portuguese

The teacher is very knowledgeable and she knows how to use her knowledge. I truly enjoyed her class.

~Semira, Farsi

I really loved this class. I learned a lot that I’ve never known before. As of today, I feel more confidence when I talk to my two little nephews, They’re in 3rd and 4th grade this September. This is a helpful class and it’s also beneficial for the the person whom English is their second language.

~Thu-Thao, Vietnamese

I have been learning American English for about 20 years now. This class is probably the most beneficial if you did not grow up here (like me). I always thought I said everything correctly, until now. Great class! I plan to take the next classes from SLA. Take the first class and you will know what I mean.

~Thanh, Vietnamese

Gaining effective communication skills is essential in everyday life activities. This class offers incentive opportunities to gaining excellent communication skill, especially for a non-native English speaker. Take advantage of all learning opportunities.

~Kevin, Cambodian

It is a very good class. I wish I had it many years earlier.

~Walter, Chinese

A very knowledgeable, competent teacher of American English. Very proficient in the subject matter. I recommend this class to all ESL students.

~Kwami, Ashanti

I found that I can’t pronounce “l” in the word “world.” I hope I will do it soon. What was funny is that I never noticed it before I attended this class!

~Hanan, Arabic

Exceptional expertise on the instructor’s behalf. Conversant with the various people groups. Brings the weakness of the various non-native speakers into classroom discussion.

~Kwami, Twi (African)

It is a very useful class to correct the pronunciation, especially when learned in different countries where English is the second language.

~Sopan, Hindi

As a native French speaker, I really recommend this class to anyone whose first language is not English.

~Jean, French

The must-have class for non-native speakers who want to improve communication.

~Don, Vietnamese

Thanks a lot to give an opportunity to know more English for daily communication.

~Huy, Vietnamese

If I heard a recording of my speech, I could probably tell my pronunciation was off, here and there, but I could not “put my finger on it,” so to speak. These courses tell you exactly what is mispronounced and why.

~Luis, Spanish

Very interesting and useful lessons. I was not aware of before that using these techniques would help to increase my fluency and propel pronunciation of the English language. Thank you!

~Nader, Farsi

The Seattle Learning class is really helpful for people like me with ESL. It answered lots of questions about English pronunciation I had. I would love to learn more.

~Bhupinder, Punjabi

Great class. Very professional. All the non-native speakers who would like to improve their English speaking should take this course.

~Jas, Punjabi

This class helped me to identify sounds that I have been pronouncing incorrectly all my life helped me to sound more professional and be easily understood.

~Roy, Mandarin Chinese

I enjoyed taking this class because eliminating accent is such a difficult object and it was very well organized.

~Serge, Russian

Amazing class! She could tell what you’re pronouncing wrong and correct your speech!

~Joel, Spanish

Although I have been living in the US for several years, I felt that my English skills have not been improving in the past. This class encouraged me to start again and reach a new level, this time to concentrate on pronunciation rather than vocabulary.

~Joachim, German

I highly recommend this class. There were so many things pointed out that could help me improve my communication skills. I can’t wait to take the more advanced class.

~Wilfredo, Tagalog

This is a great course! The teacher is very helpful. I’m looking forward to taking another course when it’ll be available.

~Khoi, Vietnamese

This is an excellent class for non-native speakers. I highly recommend it. The class does not make you lose your accent; it helps you communicate more fluently. All topics covered in class can be applied on a daily basis. The instructor is well prepared and organized, keeping the class interesting.

~Luis, Spanish

Being born overseas in a different culture and language, I faced some difficulties with verbal conversation. This course (Pronunciation for Fluency 2) will be useful.

~Abu, Bangladesh

This course helped me to discover the problems in my English and helped me to take steps to correct them. The tools given to me are very good and easy to apply.

Thank you for the advice and tools.

~Mehmet, Turkish

This course is really good for non-native speakers to learn the rhythm and pitch of the American English pronunciation.

~Adang, Indonesian

Pronunciation for Fluency 2 is very beneficial and effective for improving communication with Native English speaking Americans for students whose native language is not English.

~Jagdish, Hindi

This is a very good class for those who learned English as a second language in their home country, but don’t speak it at home. I wasn’t aware that different words have different sounds until I took this class because that wasn’t the way I learned English in school. Now I understand why native speakers always had problems understanding me. Overall, a very good class to start pronouncing words correctly.

~Ashutosh, Punjabi

If you have a hard time pronouncing English words or if your co-workers ask you to repeat yourself because they did not understand what you said, take a pronunciation class with Seattle Learning Academy, and do the practice online.

~Nader, Farsi

Taking this class was a great experience. There were a few words that I was pronouncing right in my mind, but actually I was way off from the real pronunciation. This class helped me with most of the words I had problems with. I also learned the tongue placement; that helped a lot. We all got a lot of individual attention, too.

~Saira, Urdu