Are you tired of being asked to repeat yourself?

When English is not your first language, one of the most frustrating situations is when people misunderstand you and you don’t understand why. Seattle Learning Academy can tell you what is causing your pronunciation problems and then teach you the skills to fix those problems.

Our Pronunciation for Fluency Teaching Method

Our course is more than an "accent reduction” course. Our teaching method is designed to help you with all aspects of pronunciation, including: sound production, word and syllable stress, linking, and intonation patterns. We tell you what you’re doing incorrectly, explain how to change it, and then provide you with the tools to practice so you can create new speaking habits.

By the end of our our Pronunciation for Fluency course, students tell us that they are:

  • Asked to repeat themselves less often
  • More confident speaking during meetings
  • Better prepared for performance reviews and job interviews
  • Comfortable having conversations with native English speakers in formal and informal situations
  • Able to understand more when listening to video or radio

What topics are covered in the Pronunciation for Fluency Course?

Each one-on-one student has their course customized course based on their assessment results. We teach all of the following, as necessary:

  • Sound production (vowels, r-controlled vowels, and consonants)
  • Syllable stress (the basis for spoken English rhythm and a major cause of miscommunication)
  • Word stress and reduction (also important for spoken English rhythm as well as creating subtle changes in sentence meaning)
  • Intonation and pitch (critical for obtaining the nuance of intended meaning when speaking)
  • Linking (smoothly transitioning from word to word when speaking so “choppiness” is eliminated)

Take Classes In-Person or Via Skype

Individuals who are not located in the Seattle, WA, USA area often choose to have classes via Skype. Since learning pronunciation requires extensive focus on listening to train the ears to hear sounds, Skype students do very well in our pronunciation courses.

Pronunciation Skills Assessment

Students enrolled in our Pronunciation for Fluency course (either in-person or via Skype) begin their first class with a skills assessment and immediate verbal feedback. This assessment allows us to identify all of your pronunciation issues so we can prioritize the skills that are most important for you to improve. Our greatest goal is helping you decrease spoken miscommunication. We then move onto the issues that, while not resulting in explicit misunderstanding, are causing you to sound less fluent.

Individuals who don’t wish to enroll in the Pronunciation for Fluency course can purchase the Pronunciation Skills Assessment as a stand-alone product. The Stand-Alone Pronunciation Skills Assessment includes a written report to help individual learners with self-study.

Where would you like to go from here?

My classes at Seattle Learning Academy have been a great experience. Their classes are interesting, informative and fun. I have not had any formal English classes in a long time and these have been a great help towards improving my pronunciation. I can affirm that my objective has been more than satisfied.
— Susana S., Spanish

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